Some of the research that we have completed for the Florence4D project is available to download as apps. 

Hidden Florence 3D

Try Hidden Florence 3D, our award-winning 3D, locative augmented reality app. This app offers a 3D visualisation of the fourteenth century church of San Pier Maggiore, demolished in the eighteenth century. This free app gives you an unprecedented opportunity to experience the fourteenth-century church of San Pier Maggiore in Florence, while viewing its original altarpiece in the National Gallery, London.

Download here for iOS devices and read more about the project here.  

Hidden Florence

Hidden Florence is an award winning and free smartphone app that invites you to experience Renaissance Florence through the eyes of five contemporary characters. Each guide takes you on a unique walking tour through the city’s rich past, linking the sites you visit to stories from their own lives and times. Many of the tours and sites in the app relate also to research we’ve conducted for Florence4D. 

Download here for iOS devices and Android; read more about the project here


Code for implementing the 3D app can be found on GitHub.


Datasets and 3D models are also available for download:

Charitable institutions' dataset, after John Henderson

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